Lynnette Payne, “The Old Rosarian” studied under a British rosarian and grew roses for over 60 years,
specializing in old garden roses plus modern shrubs. Her largest rose garden was over 800 roses on an acre of land.
In addition to caring for her roses, she also helped the webmaster on the biggest rose forum on the Garden Web by putting up the FAQs,
answered many rose questions on the AllExpert site, and maintained her own site, (no longer active).

She was very generous with both her extensive knowledge of roses and with the roses themselves.
We could not visit her without coming away with not just gifts of cuttings, but also well established plants.
She was also an avid photographer, and included on her website a gallery of roses identifying them by type.
When she was diagnosed with a untreatable condition a few years ago and knew she had a limited time left,
she allowed us to preserve her photo gallery and present it here. She passed away in early 2019.

The Old Rosarian's Photo Gallery

Mickey likes to make whimsical creatures and other things out of scrap metal and old tools.
Not a lot in this gallery yet, but it will grow.

Yard Birds and Other Creatures

The most painless way to convert all that grass into a garden:

Lasagna Garden, 2002